Wooden houses and baths from ARTKELO

Wooden houses and baths from ARTKELO

14 october 2021 0000

Dmitriy Belyaev, ARTKELO Commercial Director

The Russian company ARTKELO specialises in the construction of wooden houses and baths from polar pine KELO (deadwood), Altai cedar and Siberian larch. The company has 10 years of experience in various climatic conditions from Kamchatka to London. Our own design bureau develops an individual architectural project, taking into account the preferences of the customer. The company has two own production sites in Karelia, one in the Altai Territory, as well as a woodworking workshop and a furniture workshop in Moscow region.

Distinctive features of our production of polar pine KELO houses are the absence of shrinkage, which saves construction time, and the absence of paint and other chemicals during painting, which preserves the health of future residents. The houses are built with a 25-year warranty and service, and the natural color and smell of wood remains forever.

All our products, production technology and information about the characteristic features of our log houses will be presented to visitors at the BakuBuild 2021 exhibition. I would like to note that in the post-pandemic period we saw an increased interest in exhibitions in Russia. Business needs live communication with colleagues and potential customers, and sometimes you should also be able to “feel” the product by touching it. We are confident that the Baku exhibition contributes to the promotion of our products in the local market, and will help establish new contacts and connections.