Welding equipment for export

Welding equipment for export

21 October 2021 0000

Farah Gorgulu, Export Manager at Gedik Welding

Our holding has been operating since 1963; and our head office is located in Turkey. We export our products to more than 90 countries around the world. Our company is mainly engaged in the production of welding electrodes, welding equipment and welding wires. We manufacture equipment that is used in the construction of not only buildings, but also railways, ships, aircraft. Our branch, a factory in Neftchala, has recently started operating in Azerbaijan. Specialists from Turkey regularly visit us, so everything is under their control. Local products are labeled "Made in Azerbaijan".

Today, our stand presents fittings for ships and fire hydrants, gas fittings, welding equipment, electrodes, which are packed in different formats: cardboard, plastic, iron, etc.

In the next few years, we have many projects planned in Karabakh. The Ministry of Economy has accepted and approved our project to create a factory in Aghdam region, where we can start production of welding wire.

I believe that exhibitions are very important. We all know that after the pandemic, many projects are carried out online. However, traditional exhibitions are much more effective and interesting, in particular, for strengthening ties with the CIS countries. Each exhibition ensures the growth of clients, new connections and sales.