We want to establish cooperation with major Azerbaijani companies

We want to establish cooperation with major Azerbaijani companies

20 october 2021 0000

Katerina Tikhomirova, Head of the Exhibitions Department of the Belinterexpo Unitary Enterprise of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

At BakuBuild-2021 Belarusian companies present various solutions for the construction sector, petrochemical facilities, gas pipelines, the electric power industry, etc. The main purpose of participation in the exhibition is to declare ourselves in Azerbaijan and find potential partners to offer services that we are ready to adapt to the requirements buyer. From this point of view, BakuBuild is an excellent platform that allows you to demonstrate your potential and find new business contacts, because it is the largest specialised exhibition in Azerbaijan and the Caucasus region in the construction field. We hope that our participation in the exhibition will be quite fruitful.

In addition, we believe that some of our decisions may be interesting as part of the implementation of large-scale projects for the restoration of the liberated territories of Azerbaijan. The most important thing is that they are suitable and interesting to the Azerbaijani side. On the eve of the exhibition, we have already met with representatives of the Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO), which advised whom we could meet and establish cooperation with.

Today we hope to meet with representatives of major companies - potential partners, including AZERENERJI JSC.