Urban infrastructure in Baku: Trends

Urban infrastructure in Baku: Trends

8 december 2020 0000

The General Plan of Baku covers a 20-year perspective period for 2020-2040. The first stage of the plan (2020-2027) will define the measures implementation of which have a paramount importance within the General Plan, including spatial zoning and polycentric urban development, capital construction, transport infrastructure, social infrastructure, utility systems, environmental purification and site development measures, as well as will identify the executors of those measures, etc.

As the next step, based on the study of the first phase, it is planned to carry out activities in the above-mentioned areas in order to create sustainable development of the capital and favorable urban environment, including bringing the parameters of housing, planned public-business (mixed) zones in accordance with the requirements of the post-industrial period, public transport, green and reclaimed areas, capabilities engineering facilities envisaged for the calculation period in the technical and economic indicators of the General Plan.

The overall Baku city General Plan is based on 4 Priority Targets: