Unique gifts from Empire

Unique gifts from Empire

21 october 2021 0000

Voldemar Eifeld, Founder and Owner, Empire (Kazakhstan)

Empire is a design studio that designs, manufactures and sells gifts, souvenirs and accessories from scratch. Our products are manufactured at the best manufactories and factories in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Southeast Asia, and are sold through our own retail outlets in Kazakhstan. Our clients include individual customers and large companies, corporations, and even governments. In Azerbaijan, we are looking for a partner who can appreciate our view, the trends that we create, and could cooperate with us. After all, Empire is a unique brand, all our works are copyrighted. We were able to create our own modern style, but at the same time we treat the historical and cultural heritage of each nation with special reverence and trepidation, we try to convey all this wealth in our products.

Empire is participating in BakuBuild for the first time; before that we had no contacts with the exhibition. We are impressed with this event; there are many pleasant people who willingly meet halfway and make contacts. The visitors are very knowledgeable and literate. I will note that we presented a variety of gifts and souvenirs in Baku, for every taste - this is both a regular and a VIP collection. After Azerbaijan’s victory in the Patriotic War, the work has already begun to restore the liberated territories. Empire is ready to make a variety of gifts and souvenirs, including those symbolizing the theme of Karabakh.