13 october 2021 0000

Sibel Özgür, Export Sales Specialist, Nuhpanel (Turkey)

Nuhpanel, which has been operating in the construction industry for many years, was established in 1996. Our company’s operation site (40.000 m²) is located in Gebze, where we have organised an industrial zone. With two continua panel production line, our annual production capacity is 7 million square meters under the same roof with Turkey's largest sandwich panel production base. Nuhpanel has the largest production network - Polyurethane and ROCKWOLL filled sandwich panels with high fire resistance, standard type Roof Cladding Panels, PVC Membrane Surface Composite Roof Panels (For Low Slope Terrace Roofs), cold room (climate control) Panels, standard type non-isolated single ply side and under-concrete trapezoidal steel sheets, and accessories compatible with all above products. 

Among the innovations of our company, which will be presented to visitors and guests of the BakuBuild 2021 exhibition, I would like to highlight TRIPAN membrane laminated sheet roof panel, PRISM wall panel, NKS pre-insulated air duct panel, and solar energy system compatible roof panel. All products presented at our stand can be used by construction companies in any region, including in restoration work in the Karabakh region.

We see special exhibitions as an environment, where we can create and network our products with suppliers. BakuBuild offers tremendous value and superior access to the clients we need to network with.  It is the best way to seed new business opportunities in the region.