The best traditions of BakuBuild

The best traditions of BakuBuild

21 october 2022 0000

Mammadagha Mehdiyev, architect, private entrepreneur

- As an architect and construction businessman, I have been attending the BakuBuild exhibition for over twenty years. The interest in and the purpose of visiting the exhibition has not changed over the years - the search for new partners, establishing contacts for future cooperation, studying the market and industry novelties.

I am glad that every year we, professional visitors, not only meet companies already known to us, but also always find new ideas and potential business partners. Traditionally, in addition to regular participants, the exhibition attracts debutants, new young companies, and startups who present their projects and opportunities here. We are always ready to cooperate with such companies.

I was also pleased with the holding of the Rebuild Karabakh exhibition in parallel with BakuBuild. The topic of restoring this region is a priority for our society. Participation in the exhibition of the companies already operating in Karabakh and striving to implement new projects is a confirmation of this fact.

Professional exhibitions are certainly important for the entire construction sector and parallel sectors of the economy. The construction boom in our country is still at a high level. I think that our exhibition could attract more companies offering their products and services. This would be useful both for the participants themselves and for us, the end users.