The best solution for builders - EFECE galvanized steel products

The best solution for builders - EFECE galvanized steel products

13 october 2021 0000

Efe Demircan, Chairman of the Board of EFECE Galvanized Steel Manufacturing & Trade Co

- In BakuBuild Exhibition, EFECE Galvanized Steel Manufacturing & Trade Co. will showcase its own products manufactured in Manisa/Turkey; namely galvanized pipes, profiles, hollow sections, open shaped profiles for PVC window reinforcement, trapezoidal sheets, greenhouse gutters, rain gutters and much more.

Our target is to provide our customers in Azerbaijan with best solution for their galvanized steel purchases in many sectors such as construction, roofing & siding, building materials, pvc window production, fence panels, agriculture equipment and greenhouse construction.

As EFECE Galvanized Steel Co, we would be glad to support the development of the Karabakh region, with our competitive and wide range of galvanized steel products including profiles for reinforcement of PVC windows, fence posts, roofing sheet solutions, structural pipes and hollow sections. We are proud to show some samples from our product range, in BakuBuild.

Pre-galvanized material is lower in initial cost than many other commonly specified protective coatings for steel. Since galvanized steel lasts longer and needs less maintenance, it has a wide range of applications, which are now highly demanded in Karabakh.

Specialized exhibitions are always fruitful since we find the opportunity to make face-to-face meetings with the experts and global players in the industry. Due to Covid 19 restrictions, we had to cancel or postpone our participation in international exhibitions. In some regions, we tried some virtual exhibitions, which can never be good substitutes of traditional physical fairs.