The BakuBuild Exhibition will Feature the National Pavilion of Belarus

The BakuBuild Exhibition will Feature the National Pavilion of Belarus

15 october 2021 0000

The Made in Belarus exposition will be showcased at the 26th International Construction Exhibition BakuBuild to be held on October 20th through 22d, 2021 in the capital of Azerbaijan. The event will feature five Belarusian companies that will demonstrate goods and services for elaboration of the construction industry in Azerbaijan.

The company Energocomplekt will showcase cables and wires for various applications. Energocomplekt is the leader in this production field in Belarus. The range of products includes 20 thousands grades and sizes. The company’s production shops are fitted with state-of-the-art equipment by leading global producers from Germany, Italy, the USA, and the Czech Republic.

Companies of the production association BelenergoBelenergoremnaladka and Belelectromontazhnaladka – will demonstrate technologies for reliable and efficient performance of power engineering facilities, measuring equipment, automation facilities, vacuum circuit breakers and other equipment.

Scientific Production Enterprise OKB TSP will offer a proprietary innovation technology for erection of arched constructions used for facilities of various applications. The technology was designed by employees of the company SpetsMashinostroenie which is a part of OKB TSP. The company has already built 19 industrial buildings in Azerbaijan, applying this technology.

BELGAZSTROY Holding Management Company will present services in construction and assembly of engineering, engineering and transport, as well as trunk and utility infrastructure. The company will take part in the exhibition remotely. Such format means that in case of interest in goods or services of a particular company, Azerbaijani visitors will be able to hold negotiations with the company’s representatives by video conferencing. This will allow setup a direct contact and specifically agree cooperation and deliveries.

The BakuBuild Exhibition is the largest specialized construction show in Azerbaijan. In 2019 it featured 225 companies form 19 countries, including Germany, Russia, the USA, Turkey, China, Ukraine. The event is held with the support of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Agency for Development of Small and Medium Businesses, the State Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture and other institutions and companies.

The BakuBuild Exhibition covers a wide range of topical sections: Construction Materials; Roofing and Insulation; Interiors. Decoration Materials. Design; Paints, Varnishes and Coatings; Landscape Architecture and Design; Facades, Windows, Doors; Construction Equipment and Technologies; Rolled Metal Products; Light and Electrical Products, etc.

Parallel to the BakuBuild, Baku will host the 1st Azerbaijan International Restoration, Reconstruction and Development of Karabakh Exhibition (Rebuild Karabakh), which has a truly unique value for the country with a view to dynamic restoration of the Karabakh region.

The key exhibition sections include: Banks and Investments; Safety; Mining; Health Care; Information Technology; Education; Food Industry; Agriculture; Road Construction and Infrastructure; Transport; Tourism and Cultural Heritage; Energy, and Ecology.

The relationship between Belarus and Azerbaijan is showing dynamic development and is notable for a high level of mutually beneficial cooperation. The 2020 turnover reached 447.1M USD. The leader in the production cooperation between the two countries is Ganja Automotive Plant. Since 2007 the plant has assembled over 12 thousands tractors Belarus in various modifications, as well as special-purpose vehicles based on the above tractors. Besides, the plant now assembles electrobuses and harvesters.

In Q1 2021 the Belarusian construction companies delivered products to Azerbaijan for the value of over 3.5M USD. This is 2.2 times more than in the same period in 2020. Key construction products exported from Belarus to Azerbaijan during this timeframe included reinforced structures and metalware, equipment and spares. Azerbaijan also shows a strong demand for the Belarusian crystal glass. It is used to produce national glasses – Armudu.  

The construction industry of Azerbaijan is of considerable interest for Belarusian companies. This sector of economy comes second after the oil and gas industry in terms of the amount of state investments. Besides, there is a strong demand for converted timber, and the industry players take advantage of a simplified taxation system.

Azerbaijan is a competitive direction in terms of re-exportation of goods and it holds a unique place in the global logistic project of China - One Belt One Road. Thanks to the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway built in 2017, the delivery time from Chine to Europe and back via Azerbaijan is reduced by half compared to sea freight. It is planned to deliver over 17 million tons of goods by this railway a year.

These opportunities allow promoting goods from Europe to the Central Asia – Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and even Afghanistan.

It is anticipated that after the BakuBuild Exhibition the Belarusian companies will take part in engineering of populated areas and in restoration of the transport infrastructure in Azerbaijan.

A successful case of cooperation between the two countries is the food industry. Belarusian food products are well-known among the Azerbaijani consumers. Major Azerbaijani supermarkets provide special branded shelves for the Made in Belarus products, and there are four successful Belaruski stores in Baku.

Belarusian food products usually stir interest during food exhibitions in Azerbaijan. In particular, several dozens of Belarusian food and beverage manufacturers were featured at the International Food Industry Exhibition Interfood Azerbaijan held in June 2021 in Baku. As part of the exhibition, the Belarusian national pavilion earned the award for the best country presentation.

The Made in Belarus exposition at the Baku Build Exhibition was organized by the Exhibition Unitary Enterprise “Belinterexpo” of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry with support of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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