Thanks to the exhibition, we have laid the foundation for new cooperation

Thanks to the exhibition, we have laid the foundation for new cooperation

13 october 2021 0000

Mahir Guliyev, Head of Marketing Department at NB Holding OJSC

- Our company has been operating since 2004 and has the region’s largest production facilities in the field of chemical products. As a regular participant in and registration sponsor of the Baku Build exhibition, NB Holding OJSC will once again display the latest technological innovations and products at its stand.

Among the products produced and marketed by NB Holding OJSC there are various types of paints for interior and exterior, as well as paint raw materials, packaging products, cement and gypsum based products, various types of adhesives, industrial paints, fire retardant paints, thermal insulation and waterproofing products, road paints, furniture paints, putties, ceramic granite products, tile and ceramic products, and intermediate fillers.

This year, our products, which are produced with a completely new and latest innovative technology, are among the products we have demonstrated so far. We hope that our products produced under the NB Ceramic brand will be met with great interest by visitors, as we are the pioneers in the field of ceramic granite production in Azerbaijan. Our production site is located in Ganja, where our annual production is circa 3MM m2; here we have installed the latest European equipment. Moreover, everything from processing raw materials to finished products is fully automated. Our production site also plays a crucial role in creating new jobs in the region. The plant was inaugurated in March 2020 by President Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva. Among the products produced there are ceramic granite products, tiles and floor tiles with a water absorption rate close to zero. Products are produced in different sizes. Ceramic granites, tiles and floor tiles (60x60, 60x120, 60x30, 40x40, etc), both matted and glazed, are produced here.

Currently, the restoration of Karabakh is one of the biggest and most important issues in the country. I think that the liberation of the Karabakh region and surrounding areas from the clutches of the enemy, as well as new job opportunities, pave the way for new projects. As a manufacturer of construction materials, we hope that our products will be used in all future projects.

The BakuBuild International Construction Exhibition is undoubtedly the largest specialized exhibition in the region. We have seen a lot of benefits as a regular participant of this exhibition. Thanks to this exhibition, we have laid the foundation for new cooperation. We believe that this year, as every year, the exhibition will be a success. The exhibition is important for our company as a PR tool. The exhibition, which was postponed due to the global pandemic in 2020, had a negative impact not only on us, but also on other companies. This exhibition is not only a demonstration of our products and innovations, but also an internal report for the end of the year. Determining the direction of our business plans for the next year is invaluable for taking into account the innovations in the market, the views, thoughts and desires of our real and potential partners. We hope that the restrictions will be lifted soon and we will be able to see the results of previous years again.