TEPLOPANEL is suitable for any region

TEPLOPANEL is suitable for any region

13 October 2021 0000

Dmitry Nikitin, Development Director, STROYNET LLC


STROYNET is a Russian manufacturer of the latest generation, which allows comfortable heating and cooling of premises with savings of up to 52%, where the power of heat and cold generators, and the risk of fire is reduced, while minimizing the adverse health impact among personnel. Among the advantages of our products are the absence of the requirement for maintenance and replacement of consumables, the ability to remotely control the temperature via the Internet from a mobile phone or computer, the ability to use in places where flammable and explosive materials are stored, the use of "green technologies", which reduces atmospheric emissions by up to 50%, etc.

At BakuBuild 2021, we will be showcasing an exhibition sample, which will allow you to understand the mechanics of work and heating technology. Our low temperature radiant water equipment allows you to reduce the capital cost of purchasing boiler equipment and reduce your monthly operating costs. This technology is suitable for any region. Teplopanel systems can be installed in production halls, shopping centers, agricultural and livestock facilities, warehouses and hangars, exhibition centers, restaurants and sports facilities. So, the larger the building, the greater the savings are.

Exhibitions undoubtedly play a big role in promoting the company. The break in the holding of exhibitions may have a positive moment, which provided an opportunity to better prepare for the exhibition and created a higher demand for our products in other regions of the CIS. We are looking forward to a trip to Baku, where we can meet with our colleagues and potential customers.