Present-day production of cable and technical products.

Present-day production of cable and technical products.

19 october 2022 0000

Alexey Borodin, Head of the Export Support Center, Mordovia (Russia):

The Republic of Mordovia is a strong cluster for the production of cable and technical products. We traditionally participate in the BakuBuild exhibition in Baku. We have strong partnership ties with Azerbaijan and Turkey; we intend to further develop and strengthen cooperation with the entrepreneurs of these countries.

We evaluate the exhibition as extremely promising. Exhibitions and business missions are two very important tools in product promotion. Business meetings and dialogues are always useful here, during which you can discuss collaboration in all formats. This is the best way to showcase your product. We are always open for dialogue.

The new conditions in which we find ourselves define a new format of cooperation. This year we brought several companies. This is the Xenon lighting plant, one of the leading developers and manufacturers of lighting devices in Russia. The range of equipment and components is represented by “Renome Group”, composite grids are from “Armatura” company. Lighting products are presented by “Ardatovsky Lighting Engineering Plant” JSC.

It is quite difficult to compete in the Azerbaijani market. Therefore, we strive to improve the quality of our products in order to meet consumer demand.