Our innovations are special

Our innovations are special

17 October 2021 0000

Kamran Eyyubov, Director at Master Tools

Master Tools, which has been operating worldwide for more than 10 years, is engaged in the import of the world's most prestigious brands used in the construction, oil and gas industry in Azerbaijan. Master Tools cooperates with American MILLER and HOBART, German BOSCH, LOCTITE and WERKO, Swiss ELGA, Turkish PERMOLIT, IZELTASH, YILDIZ, EGESAN, Japanese KAWASAKI and HONDA and a number of other world brands. Welding machines, electrode rods and welding wires, professional power tools, paints and polishes, iron cutting and bending equipment, lifting equipment, water pumps and many other products of these companies will be presented to the visitors of the exhibition.

Miller welding machines, a new type of technology, are particularly different from other equipment. With our modern diesel and electric equipment, you can perform welding and other electrical manual work more quickly, efficiently and remotely. Also, one of the main features that distinguish this equipment from others is its multifunctional features (electrode, gas, argon, carbon, etc.). We would like to emphasize that this equipment can perform any type of welding process over long distances and allows you to work at a height of 100 m.

At present, thanks to the leadership of our Supreme Commander-in-Chief, President Ilham Aliyev, and the courage of our brave army, reconstruction, urban planning and landscaping work is progressing rapidly in the liberated Karabakh region. As Master Tools, we plan to open new branches and stores equipped with the latest technology to participate in construction work in the Karabakh region.

As you know, specialized exhibitions are of special importance for the demonstration of our equipment. However, note that the COVID-driven isolation has had a negative impact in our sector, as well as in many other areas. We expect to build new relationships and, as a result, sign new contracts at the BakuBuild exhibition.