One can build a turnkey home and fully equip it at this exhibition

One can build a turnkey home and fully equip it at this exhibition

20 october 2023 0000

Mehmet Keklik, Director of AURACITY

Our company builds residential houses in Istanbul. We came to the BakuBuild exhibition to get an impression of the construction market in Azerbaijan, the building materials, and the technologies used in the construction industry in your country. I was very interested in getting proposals from several companies producing solar energy equipment, insulation systems, heating systems, etc.

We are also considering the possibility of cooperating with companies from the brotherly country to sell real estate in Istanbul. Real estate in Turkey is popular among Azerbaijani citizens, and we are looking for companies to establish cooperation with in this manner.

At the BakuBuild exhibition, it was a pleasure to see our partners from Turkiye whom we have been working closely with for a long time. We are more interested in local companies. I would like to see more real projects at the exhibition. There are a lot of construction-related products presented here. However, there are no real projects to define the application of these products. As a representative of a company that implements these projects, I would be interested in conducting a comparative analysis in this area.

What I liked most of all at the exhibition in Baku was the combination of construction-related exhibitions at one venue. It is very convenient as it allows us to summarize the opportunities both for construction and further furnishing of living and working space.