Many well-known and new materials

Many well-known and new materials

13 october 2021 0000

Ayhan Öncü, Chairman of the Board, Molümer Yapı Kimyasalları A.Ş / Molumer Construction Chemicals Inc.

Our company has solved many insulation problems in the sector Since 1981, growing with sure steps. Our production started with liquid waterproofing materials under the brand name of MOLUMER. Our factory is located in Torbalı / İzmir / Turkey, on 5000 square meter area. Our company takes care to provide reliable, comfortable and hassle-free living spaces with respect to its products that do not harm human health and maintains its activities in the construction sector with successful R & D works as well. Our goal is to share our technical know-how, experience and hardware with our valued practitioners and technical companies, who desire success, prestige and profits.

Among the products of the company, which will be presented at the BakuBuild exhibition, there are many well-known and new materials. I would like to highlight the following – elastic cement-added waterproofing; ready colored plaster; ghost transparent waterproofing; water based peelable coating; thermos shingle roof cladding; thermo shingle exterior and interior facade cladding.

We would like to meet the construction materials from our existing products of the companies that will continue to work in the region for the building-construction works to be carried out for the development of the Karabakh region. We are planning a construction within 2 years in the Karabakh region regarding the use and manufacture of our existing products.

The promotion and announcement of our company's products in specialized fairs suitable for the sector is a great opportunity for us to reach target markets. Not being able to take part in these fairs has adversely affected many sectors, especially the construction sector.

Our company offers environmentally friendly, organic, quality and affordable prices in the sector. BakuBuild is a great opportunity for us to come together with companies that need our products.