Make your home colourful with Corella!

Make your home colourful with Corella!

2 december 2020 0000

Corella paints are a brand of NB Group, the largest paint manufacturer in Azerbaijan and the South Caucasus. The company's goal is to produce products based primarily on European standards that will serve the tastes and needs of the population.

Today, Corella produces water-based emulsions, primers and pastes for facades and interiors. In addition, Corella produces synthetic parquet and wood varnishes, aluminium, anti-corrosion, synthetic gloss, and floor paints. Corella also produces cellulose and polyurethane-based paints and varnishes, including fillers, varnishes and cellulose thinners used in the furniture industry. Corella also produces epoxy paints at its paint factory.

Containers for packing Corella paints of various shapes are made in the company's own iron and plastic pottery workshops, which allows the population to obtain high-quality and affordable paint products. All Corella paints are subject to scientific laboratory research before being offered for sale.

NB Group OJSC has been a regular participant in the BakuBuild international construction exhibitions for almost 20 years. NB Group is also the main sponsor of the exhibition. In addition, the company has extensive experience as a regular participant in many international exhibitions. Through these exhibitions, the company has established many partnerships. Through these partnerships, its development has led to the production of products and services that meet the needs of the population and consumers in general. NB Group has always been a distinguished company in the local construction materials market.

Corella paints - our quality makes us different!

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