Letter from the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev to the participants of the exhibition

Letter from the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev to the participants of the exhibition

19 october 2022 0000

Dear Exhibition Attendees

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

I am pleased to welcome you to the Opening Ceremony of the 2nd Azerbaijan International Exhibition "Rebuild Karabakh - Restoration, Reconstruction and Development of Karabakh” and 27th Azerbaijan International Construction Exhibition "Baku Build".

This year's exhibition is crucial from the perspective of the reconstruction of the liberated lands, the integration of these territories into the national economy, their sustainable development, as well as in terms of valuable networking opportunities.

Karabakh, historically, has been one of the developed regions of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan refused to tolerate the 30-year-long occupation of our lands by Armenia, and eventually went on to restore our country's territorial integrity during the 44-days Patriotic War. The nation that manifested unity and solidarity during the glorious victory, is returning to its native land of Karabakh to live here forever.

The goals ahead of us are the reconstruction of liberated lands in the post-conflict era, ensuring resilient settlement, and bringing this region back to the level of development as it used to be.

Azerbaijan has directed all its efforts and strength to realize this ultimate goal successfully. As a result, best practice is being set in the direction of ensuring safe living, construction of cities, towns, and villages, setting up strategically critical and holistic infrastructure, integration into local and foreign value chains, as well as environmental recovery in the liberated territories.

The implementation of the Zangezur corridor project will turn the region into a fundamental transport and trade hub. In a nutshell, the liberated territories are rapidly being restored, and our goals related to the Great Return are being successfully fulfilled.

The reconstruction and rehabilitation work carried out in the liberated territories create an important foundation for cooperation with the business community and public-private partnership, as well as for maintaining stability and development in the region.

In this regard, the "Rebuild Karabakh" Exhibition, organized for the second time has plenty of modern ideas, innovative solutions, and effective initiatives, which together will shape a new model of a practical business environment.

I invite leading businesses to benefit from opportunities throughout this exhibition and urge them to solidify all their efforts and creative ideas to support the restoration of our territories.

I am confident that the "Rebuild Karabakh" exhibition will be remembered as a landmark event due to its productivity and results, as well as meetings held during the exhibition, discussions, and new initiatives that will eventually serve as an enabling platform for business relations. This event will contribute to the successful implementation of efforts and initiatives guided toward the restoration and rehabilitation of Karabakh and East Zangezur.

I once again wish each and every one of you productive days at work and success in this exhibition.