High potential of Improtex Industries

High potential of Improtex Industries

21 october 2021 0000

Javidan Kerimov, Deputy General Director of Improtex Industries LLC:

Improtex Industries presents European quality machinery and equipment at the BakuBuild exhibition. We strive to meet the demand in the domestic market and at the same time offer products to foreign partners. Note that it was Improtex Industries that presented garbage trucks of various sizes, including those with ROTOPRESS and VARIOPRESS bodies, on the Azerbaijani market. We are the official representative of MAN Truck & Bus SE, so we can assemble the same garbage trucks on MAN chassis.

In addition, we represent fire trucks, fuel tanks, various trailers, semi-trailers, agricultural machinery. The production of these products is based on advanced European technologies. About a thousand units of agricultural machinery from Improtex Industries are already in use in Azerbaijan. Customers are both the public and private sectors.

The technological potential of Improtex Industries is very high; we are fully prepared and will be happy to take part in projects that are planned to be implemented in the territories liberated from occupation. Moreover, this is not one hundred hectares, and there will undoubtedly be a demand for our products. Improtex Industries, in cooperation with various companies, has successfully implemented a number of large projects, including the construction of factories, plants, and warehouses. We look forward to participating in projects in the liberated territories; it will be a great honor for our company.