Effect of the ground-embedded lighting

Effect of the ground-embedded lighting

17 october 2022 0000

Anna Stepanenko, Head of “Lunar Path” Production Company, Volgograd, RF

We are engaged in the production of LED paving blocks (ground-embedded lighting). The luminaires are equipped with LEDs with a high colour-rendering index, which provides the effect of original lighting of any objects of landscape architecture or terrain.

The luminous efficiency of our products allows you to save up to 90% of electric energy.

The luminaires are completely tight, and can be used in conditions of high humidity, and the low voltage supply (24V) provides a high level of electrical safety and facilitates installation.

The polymer monolithic structure allows withstanding heavy loads, such as the weight of a truck. The luminaires are resistant to frost, household detergents and have a high degree of protection (IP67). The absence of toxic emissions and strong small allows using the luminaires even in residential areas. Coincidence of dimensions with the standard paving blocks provides ease of installation, both in the process of laying the main paving stones, and when creating decorative lighting for the finished object.

We are happy to take part in the large-scale exhibition BakuBuild 2022. Our products and information about the characteristics and installation methods will be available at the company's stand. Before participating in the exhibition, we monitored the local market, and found that there is an interest in our products. We are ready to present our products in detail and visually to all visitors of BakuBuild 2022.