Construction innovations in the area of materials and equipment

Construction innovations in the area of materials and equipment

20 october 2023 0000

Kyamil Gasimov, Chief Cost Engineer, Socar Downstream

- The company I represent is involved in the oil and gas industry, but we also do a lot of construction and repair work at our sites. This is the reason why I have been attending the BakuBuild exhibition for many years. First of all, we are interested in new construction products used in the field of materials and equipment.

There are many new companies represented by well-known manufacturers at the exhibition. We held productive meetings with them to familiarize ourselves with several products and receive recommendations on their application and information on their quality characteristics. In particular, I was interested in fittings, fiberglass, smart-home systems, and other products.

The exhibition has once again demonstrated the wide range of opportunities that attract many visitors. Useful information available here, new acquaintances and connections, and professional exchange of opinions provide the basis for our activities in the years to come.