Business starts with BakuBuild exhibition platform

Business starts with BakuBuild exhibition platform

19 October 2022 0000

Margarita Fast, Representative of GIMA The German pavilion represents eight companies at the BakuBuild exhibition with different profiles of professional activity. This year we are representing a construction chemicals company, for the first time two companies with a mining segment; engineering companies. There is also a roofing company that started its business from the platform of the BakuBuild exhibition.

We have been participating in exhibitions for many years, but, unfortunately, we had a break for two years due to the pandemic. During this time, some people formed an opinion that exhibitions are becoming obsolete. Many tried to look for ways through the Internet space. However, this approach is not efficient in all countries.

We work in the countries of Central Asia, the Caucasus, Russia, which, like Azerbaijan, will always be interested in holding exhibitions, because they guarantee the best specifics of business meetings between specialists and entrepreneurs. The exhibition is the only platform where there is live communication. Few people will sign a contract via the Internet without first establishing live contact with colleagues.

Of course, we are glad to be in Baku again. We have great expectations! We are interested in developing the business and relationships of our companies here with the view to set up a booth next year again and take part in BakuBuild.