BakuBuild participants: "We look forward to exhibitions in 21"!

BakuBuild participants: "We look forward to exhibitions in 21"!

8 December 2020 0000

More than 70% of the exhibitors from the previous exhibition renewed their contracts to participate in BakuBuild 2021. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the exhibition was postponed, but the participants are eagerly waiting for the exhibition in 2021. 

A little research has shown that our participants prefer traditional trade shows to online events. In general, if we summarise the arguments, we will get that “Building trust and emotionally filled relationships when you do not see your interlocutor is very difficult, as if there is no feedback, and visitors to online exhibitions are like ghosts - they are intangible. At the exhibition, you can comprehensively present your products and services, attract the attention of a large audience of clients, get information about the specifics of the market development and the main competitors”. This opinion is confirmed by the Forbes Russia journal in the article by A. Vladimirskaya ( magazine, where we read that “The absence of offline conferences and a significant decrease in interest in online formats does not make it possible to “cash out” even the coolest success - no one, having heard your case, will shake hands. Without offline involvement, everything is not serious”.

According to our exhibitors' opinion, the most successful type of doing business today is a mix of offline and online meetings. Moreover, the first should be a live meeting in the right place with the right person. And then you can take the negotiations to an online format, discuss technical issues. Online meetings also have their advantage - they save time and sometimes even money. But the foundation of the future partnership still needs to be laid during live meetings, during which you gain unique knowledge about your potential partner, the product or service that he or she represents and, in turn, you can also fully present your product at a place where you can agree on a future deal.