BakuBuild effectively demonstrates the development of our country

BakuBuild effectively demonstrates the development of our country

21 october 2022 0000

Mushfig Asadov, project administrator at Royal HaskoningDHV

- The main specialisation of our company is consulting services in the field of construction, quality control of construction, and design and analysis. We have already been participants in the construction exhibition, which allows us to evaluate the project from different perspectives.

I again visited with pleasure the BakuBuild exhibition, which effectively demonstrated the development of our country, including the construction sector, and presented new companies offering cooperation to Azerbaijan.

I believe that the exhibition has a positive effect on the self-development of all visitors. Here, we learn about new products and services, modern technologies, discuss and compare these novelties, and consult specialists and designers. I would like to thank the organisers of the exhibition for the opportunity to get all the information we need for our work in a single space of the expo center.

In my opinion, there are more diversified companies here this year as compared to the last year's exhibition. Many such enterprises are represented at the Rebuild Karabakh exhibition, which is taking place in parallel, which is quite understandable. A copious amount  of various large-scale restoration and construction works is currently being carried out in this region. And companies of all directions are in great demand there. Taking into account the fact that our company provides design and quality control services in the area of construction of roads, bridges, and public infrastructure buildings, it was interesting for me to communicate with representatives of companies already operating or planning their activities in the Karabakh region.