A smart home means comfort, safety, and energy efficiency

A smart home means comfort, safety, and energy efficiency

21 october 2023 0000

Maftuna Sadaeva, INOHOM Regional Manager

INOHOM's smart home system is designed to provide residents with comfort, security, and energy efficiency. It is equipped with an internet-connected control panel, touch-sensitive wall switches with wireless communication, actuators, and panel-type sensors.

The INOHOM smart home system has various functions such as automatic regulation of heating and cooling systems, lighting control, security and home theater systems, door locks, intercom systems, multimedia systems, electronic devices, and remote control of household appliances.

At the International Building Exhibition, we offer partnerships to both construction companies and architectural design firms. Our goal is to ensure that all homes in Azerbaijan become "smart." Clients should know that the system we provide is convenient and accessible with democratic prices and availability of service support.