A new generation of solutions to old problems.

A new generation of solutions to old problems.

21 october 2022 0000

Philipp Anokhin, director of Line17 company, Azerbaijan

Our "Line17" company is engaged in the design of interiors and exteriors of villas, restaurants, and cafes. I visited the BakuBuild exhibition many times. There is a narrow choice of advanced materials in Baku, and it is not always possible to find modern products that meet the wishes of a customer. That's why I always come here to find new suppliers.

This year, the exhibition is interesting, and I managed to find useful information for myself, and learn about new products. Most of all I liked the perlite plaster of a Turkish brand. This is a new generation of methods for solution of old problems.

We are pleased with the number of exhibitors and visitors at the exhibition. This means that many people want to present their brands, and draw attention to new products. I would like Ukrainian manufacturers to be among the participants of the exhibition.

The exhibition always provides an opportunity to meet old friends and colleagues, and helps to acquire new customers. Good business relations will be formed in the future thanks to friendly and warm ties established here.