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MN 50 curtain wall system

MN 50 curtain wall system is a stick system that enhances visual appearance of your building with wide opening applications, mullion profile options and diverse cover cap profiles. Thanks to its micro condensation characteristics the system never allows water penetration into your structure. With 18 different mullion profiles, customized cost effective solutions could be offered to your project.

ST 70 CV

It is a concealed sash system that could be integrated into ST 70, which is the one of the most preffered system with the high price-performance criteria in the market. The system provides concealed sash look through just one special designed gasket, where ease-of-use installation and application is possible. Beside using standard hinges, the use of concealed hinges will ensure a delicated outlook inside and outside of the building.

S 50Lift & Slide System

50 system is a new generation lift & slide system with thermal insulation andlow aluminum consumption features.The system could be produced up to 3,0 m wide and 3,3 m high with 120 mm profile depth. S 50 system has 400 kg loading capacity and compatible with the new generation fenestration system DS.

S 50 thermal insulated lift & slide fenestration system can be used together with all conventional mechanisms and can be also applied with the espagnolette mechanism and diverse lift&slide mechanisms. The new generation Bodrum handle family brings elegant look to the system. In addition to S 50system, S 50 H system offers 600 Pa water tightness option suitable to apply especially on villa projects.

Breathtaking projects

Crescent Project:

Year: Continuing

Architect: DSA Architects

In this project, aluminium stick, and panel systems were applied.

Totaly: 40.880 sqm

Baku Olympic Stadium:

Year: 2013

Architects: Heerim Architects & Planners

In this project, aluminium stick, curtain wall system and aluminium panel systems were applied.

Totaly: 12.600 m2

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