BakuBuild - We want to promote our products in Azerbaijani market 

We want to promote our products in Azerbaijani market 



Andrey Volosyuk, Head of Marketing and Sales, Ruchayka OJSC, Belarus

Our company has been in the market for about 35 years. We are engaged in the production of technical fabrics. We want to promote our product in the market of Azerbaijan. We are doing serious work in this direction. Our fabrics can be used in various sectors of the economy. They are rational for the production of trade pavilions, large hangars and food storages. The range of application of fabrics is very wide. All production is built on Italian modern equipment. All European-made chemistry is high-quality (varnishes, fillers, etc).

In Belarus we have a European product at local market prices. Therefore, our products are attractive in terms of both quality and price. Some samples are presented at our stand to demonstrate the technical data of the product, density and colour range. Two days at BakuBuild passed for us quite actively. Previously, we conducted work on the database and invited potential customers to our stand for meetings. The level of organisation of the exhibition is impressive, and you can see here not just casual visitors come, but industry experts.