BakuBuild -  I am interested in quality building materials

 I am interested in quality building materials



Muratbai Baltabaev, manager at Karakalpak Gis nikus izvest LLC (Uzbekistan)

 I am a businessman, and this is my first visit to Baku. The construction industry of Azerbaijan is developing rapidly. Your city is a clear proof of this. I was interested to see everything with my own eyes and see for myself. The exhibition was a good occasion. The purpose of the visit is to conduct a market analysis. I am interested in high-quality building materials and equipment for construction, which I can apply in my projects. I really liked the facade bricks on display. I hope to find deals that are advantageous for me, to establish contacts primarily with local companies. Organization of the exhibition is of a high level, and a favourable aura contributes to a productive work.