BakuBuild - We look forward to a real economic effect from the exhibition

We look forward to a real economic effect from the exhibition



Olga Kurepina, Event Manager Technonikol Corporation

- Technonikol Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of reliable and efficient building materials and systems. The company offers the market the latest technology, combining the development of its own research centers and advanced international experience. Technonikol was one of the first among Russian manufacturers to devote considerable attention to training builders in innovative technologies and the peculiarities of using new materials. We have more than three thousand items of building materials for cottage, low-rise industrial and civil construction.

At the exhibition, we present several areas of our activity at once. These are mounting foams, primers, mastics, innovative insulation materials, PVC membranes, as well as roofing materials (flexible and facade tiles), bitumen materials, hydro-, heat- and sound insulation, and much more.

Azerbaijani developers, contractors, architects are very familiar with our products, work with it and appreciate its quality. The interest in the products displayed at our stand is great. I think in the long run, in the next six months, it will be possible to assess the real economic effect of interacting with customers who met us at this exhibition.