BakuBuild - Developing the trade relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan

Developing the trade relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan



Abubekir Beyli, CEO of “Elbe Endustri”

Our company operates in five sectors and has 45 years of experience in the industrial industry. We are engaged in the production of a group of industrial metal and aluminium products. Thanks to new investments and high-quality solutions, we are confidently moving forward in this area. In a fast-changing, modern world the future lies in technical innovations. We are frequent exhibitors, but we are participating in BakuBuild for the first time. The purpose of our participation is to make ourselves known on the local market and develop trade relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan. We take this opportunity to congratulate the organisers and participants on the glorious anniversary of the Azerbaijan International Construction Exhibition. We liked the level of organization of this event. During the first day of the exhibition, we already made new contacts.

Today, at our stand we are presenting various types of goods. These are industrial ladders, for use in working conditions, and in construction, as well as stairs for the house. We guarantee our customers the reliability of our products, which will make your life easier and help you in your work.