BakuBuild -  Reliable and modern staircases

 Reliable and modern staircases



Hakim Hasanov, Foreign Trade Department, Saraily (Sarayli)

Our company has been operating in the market for 30 years. The production factory is located in Konya, Turkey, and we export products to many countries of the world. We have long-established business relations with Azerbaijan, which we want to renew through participation in the exhibition. This is our first participation in the BakuBuild exhibition. Our main products are metal ladders, as well as industrial aluminium ladders and ironing boards. All this is convenient to use both in everyday life and in professional activities.

First of all, we care about consumer confidence in our products, which should be, first of all, safe to use. All our products are certified in accordance with the ISO: 9001, CE and TSE certificates; this proves that we are trustworthy and our products meet all international standards.

At this exhibition, we demonstrate a few modern stairs produced at our factory. They can be used in everyday life, as well as in the oil and gas sector, for the reconstruction of buildings, and in construction. Thanks to additional fastenings, legs, spokes (balance arms) and wheels, our ladders differ in durability and safety.

The exhibition is convenient and profitable in that everyone can first of all visually see showcased products and even test them, which cannot be done via the Internet or by phone.