BakuBuild - New and unique products!

New and unique products!



Dmitriy Stepanov, a consultant at the Lipetsk Region Centre for Coordination of Export-Oriented SME’s Support

Today, at the BakuBuild 2019 exhibition, we are speaking with a collective stand of our region. We represent Stroynet, Elektroma, VCO Profile, IETC, Aviks, Dreem Wood, ЕВК, Lipetskprofil.

Throughout the exhibition, the professionals at our stand are ready to provide complete information on our products. Presentation videos are shown on monitors, while some products are on display.

This is our first visit to Baku, and our goal is to study the market for the construction industry. We often participate in foreign exhibitions with our products, which is one of the best ways to establish ourselves in the market and, most importantly, to find quality partners. One of the main products that we demonstrate is the Stroynet heating panel. This new product has no analogues; panels are ceiling fixtures, hung in the geometry of any room. It is especially convenient to use them in rooms with high ceilings. The panel emits infrared heat, the lower part of the room is heated, which differs from traditional methods of heating, when heat is collected in the upper part. Thanks to design solutions, we provide panels of various shapes, with highlights and friezes.