BakuBuild - Interesting offers for Azerbaijani companies!

Interesting offers for Azerbaijani companies!



Galina Kostareva, First Deputy General Director, Em-Cable Plant

The company is located in the Republic of Mordovia and includes about 20 enterprises. We produce a wide range of products - energy cables, communication cables, optical cables in various designs, aluminium wire rod and alloy wire rod, stretch film, packaging film, fittings for spirals and linear spirals. We have our own testing centre of international importance.

We regularly meet with consumers of our products, where we find out their needs and try to keep up with the times. The main goal of our participation in this exhibition is to expand the market for our products. We have prepared interesting offers for Azerbaijani companies engaged in oil refining and production, and for local companies operating in hazardous areas and earthquake-prone areas.

No doubt that the participation in the exhibition enhances the company's reputation. Despite the fact that now there are very high communication technologies, nothing can replace personal communication and a live presentation of products. At our stand, we offer guests not only catalogues with complete information, but also demonstrate some samples of our products. This always attracts the attention of guests to the stand. This is our first-time participation in this exhibition in Baku. I liked the organization of the event; there are many stands representing interesting products.