BakuBuild - High power electrical appliances

High power electrical appliances



Sefer Yuksel, General Coordinator at Çağdaş Pano

We are at BakuBuild for the first time. The main purpose of participation in this event is new connections and business meetings and possible agreements with customers. Our company is 30 years old, and every year we expand the scope of our work, producing a wide range of products, whose lines include electrical panels, cells, complete transformer substations; these can be used in factories, in hotels, in large buildings.

We have already established ourselves in the energy markets of Africa and Turkey. We also have partners in Azerbaijan. Today at the stand we present our new products. These are two high power electrical appliances (400 and 10,000 kVA). One of the large products presented by us is the KU Condenser unit of a retractable type. This setting is for correcting electricity. It consists of several cells. Moreover, if a problem arises in one of them, the operation of the entire device does not stop. The cell is deleted, repaired and restored. The exhibition is organized very well, and we liked the local infrastructure! I want to emphasize the important role of such an event in the development of the construction industry.