BakuBuild - Our goal is to build new relationships

Our goal is to build new relationships



Vusal Ibrahimov, Sales Manager at Agah Group

- The construction company Agah Group is engaged in the construction of industrial facilities (warehouses, manufacturing areas, prefabricated buildings, non-residential office buildings, warehouses and refrigerators, agricultural complexes and so on).

Our company operates in several key areas. These include the construction of agricultural facilities (poultry factories, incubators, livestock complexes, cold-storage warehouses for fruits and vegetables, warehouses for meat, milk, food and fruit products and fish storage). It provides services for construction of structures of reinforced concrete, metal structures and lightweight structures in industrial facilities and military units.

Among our clients are SOCAR, Agjabadi Cotton Plant, the network of ARAZ supermarkets and many others. We have a number of projects that have been implemented so far, and some are still in progress.

This is our first time participating in the exhibition. Our goal is to inform visitors and build new relationships about the Agah Group's activities. We would like to see representatives of agricultural and animal husbandry companies, farmers, industrial facilities and refrigerators at our stand.