BakuBuild - High priority market monitoring at the exhibition

High priority market monitoring at the exhibition



Olga Shevchuk and Svetlana Bushkovskaya, Russia

- We are here at this exhibition for the good of two areas - furniture production and construction. Our professional activity is connected with these areas. The Azerbaijani market is new for us, so it is important to study it against the background of monitoring the level and scale of the exhibition. There are good conditions for cooperation. Some contacts have already been established, we hope for the further development of relations. We liked the event with an original concept and development perspectives.

Broadly speaking, we consider visiting exhibitions very useful, and participation is an important marketing mix, rated for the image of companies; in both case there is a return. Were attracted by a stand exhibiting furniture production; it is beautifully thought out, decorated and is interesting with its products on display.