BakuBuild - Progressive development of any industry

Progressive development of any industry



Aleksandr Skorokhodov, Belarus

- I came to this exhibition with my colleagues - road builders, heating engineers, and designers who are experts in the field of construction expertise. In order to stay abreast of the development in this area, we often visit exhibitions in different countries. Baku is no exception. We want to thank for the high level of organisation. We are interested in everything, any know-how, technologies, materials, ideas, expertise and services. I am a programmer, and I am interested in software, I hope to find something interesting in this direction. The exhibition is a special atmosphere where you can learn a lot of interesting and useful things in a relaxed atmosphere. I liked it very much that our countrymen from the Belarusian stand known to us today were pleasantly surprised by the novelties that we did not know about being in our country. This once again confirms the fact that the exhibition is an indispensable tool in the progressive development of any industry.