BakuBuild - Certified fittings of all types, diameters and standards

Certified fittings of all types, diameters and standards



Fatima Suleymanova, Director of Abris

- Our company is engaged in the import of products of the plant Geosteel (Rustavi), which was founded in 2007 as a result of investing the well-known brand JSW Group in Georgia. We sell fittings of all kinds, diameters and standards. This is the only closest plant to Azerbaijan with such potential. We can talk endlessly about the advantages of our product, but a good proof of it would be our quality and management certificate. However the main achievement is the certificate of compliance with the chemical composition. No company provides such a certificate on the territory of Azerbaijan. And the composition of the valve is important in terms of its long-term service. Our materials are used in the construction of famous objects: Port Baku, The Heydar Aliyev Centre, and Four Season Hotel.

We are participating in the exhibition for the first time; we have partners in Azerbaijan (Pasha Consruction, Ustay). Thanks to the exhibition, we strive to increase the number of our partners. To provide accurate information, a monitor was placed on our stand which demonstrates a fully automated production process of our plant. I am pleased with the results of the first day of the exhibition; we have achieved our goals and updated contacts with potential partners.