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Top offers on profiles



Bakhshali Bakhshalisoy, Sales Director at Pimapen

- Veliyev LLC has been the official distributor of the leading Turkish brand Pimapen for about nine years; Pimapen is a manufacturer of profiles for windows and doors. In 2017, we received an official license for its production in Azerbaijan, and opened a factory in Sumgayit. Our branded production is carried out using modern equipment from Germany. All products undergo strict control and the necessary checks in our own laboratory. It is this company that we proudly present at the exhibition today. At our stand we demonstrate the options of various product series (S60 Alfa, S60 Beta, Maximus S70, and Nirvana 80mm). We provide a choice of more than 30 types of colour solutions, which is still a rare offer.

Pimapen is a demanded brand in the international market, and therefore, we will soon start selling it in Georgia. We are also actively negotiating on this issue with the countries of Central Asia. In Azerbaijan, our brand has long established itself due to its quality and affordable price. We are pleased to take part in BakuBuild Azerbaijan 2018, where we can inform guests, demonstrate our product and get acquainted with visitors.

We are pleased with the presence of a large number of local producers here. The hologram of our brand symbolizes a smile; we are pleased to provide our customers with all the services to see grateful smiles on their faces.