BakuBuild - BakuBuild Azerbaijan helps us explore new markets

BakuBuild Azerbaijan helps us explore new markets



Vladimir Gorelov, employee of a construction company in the Russian Federation

- This is my first visit to Baku, and I came here as a sales manager of a construction company in Russia. The BakuBuild Azerbaijan exhibition helps find new markets for the production and sale of our products (ceramics, sanitary ware, plastic) and I believe that a dynamically developing Azerbaijan can be one of these markets.

While I am studying the participating manufacturers at this exhibition, I can see a lot of Turkish and European companies as well. However our company strives to establish partnership relations with Azerbaijani companies, so I think that there should be more of them at these exhibitions. Given that the construction sector is a large-scale industry, it would probably be expedient to invite more of multidiscipline companies. I hope that my visit to Baku will be a success, since its potential is really huge. 

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