BakuBuild - Progressive technology of massive building construction

Progressive technology of massive building construction



Yekaterina Razumovskaya, manager for the promotion of innovative technologies, Formator

- Formator implements a progressive technology of massive building construction. Over the years of our activity, we have built more than 400,000 sq m., and now we have improved our technology and have recently decided to enter the international market to share experience and attract investors. That is why we arrived at Baku Build Azerbaijan; our goal here is to attract constructors and we will offer them a full production cycle, our projects, staff training, etc.

Our technology has several advantages; the main one is the speed of construction (17-storey three-block house for 51 days). The second advantage is its low cost. The third one is the adherence to the principles of environmental protection, and last but most important one is the mobility of the installation; production can be organised near the construction site, without wasting time on logistics.

Our projects include large residential complexes with a developed infrastructure; polyclinics, shopping centres, sports and playgrounds. Today at our stand, we present models of multi-storey buildings and two-storey villas, as well as installation of a phased production unit with a complete description of the process, how concrete is moulded and the final product is finished. Visitors are informed about the amount of time spent, staff, and other details.