BakuBuild - Innovations in the heating, drainage and greenhouse systems

Innovations in the heating, drainage and greenhouse systems



Petros Blatzas, Manager at Solin (Greece)

- Solin, an industrial company, produces composite and plastic pipes for a wide range of applications. Our company has been providing consumers with reliable and durable solutions for more than thirty years. We are constantly working to create innovative products. Special solutions made of plastic, polyethylene and other materials for the heating, drainage, sanitary and greenhouse systems have found a worthy place in the international market. All products undergo the necessary tests in our laboratory, which provides a guarantee of high quality. We have all the necessary quality certificates for each type of product. Our goods are exported to many countries of the world.

This is our first visit to Baku and we want to find consumers here. The first day of the exhibition was very successful. I note an active attendance, and most importantly - the number of people interested in our products. Solin is often in participating in various international exhibitions. We highly appreciate the role of the exhibition in promoting our brand. Participation helps us solve many business problems, and this is proved by 80% of our income from such events.