BakuBuild - Proposals from large companies of Udmurtia

Proposals from large companies of Udmurtia



Dmitry Kozlovskiy, Chairman of the Association of the Udmurtia's Furniture Makers Association, a non-profit organization

At BakuBuild Azerbaijan we present a joint stand of three large enterprises of Udmurtia. “Find” is involved in on aluminium cutting, production of metal products for cabinets of various options, fillings and wardrobes. The second enterprise - "FMS" is engaged in the manufacture of accessories for furniture assembly. And the third one is the Arbat company,whose main activity is the production of upholstered furniture.

Every year, we bring new products to the market, this year there are about 20 of them. Durability, reliability and favourable pricing are the main characteristics of these products. In Baku, we are aiming to renew communications that were lost a few years ago. I think the exhibition will help establish new contacts. We exhibit on the stand only a small part of the samples of fittings. These are various types of fasteners, samples for different configurations of profiles. Among the unique products - the combined mesh design, the ready decision of a rack. It takes a little place, is not exposed to corrosion, convenient in use. The client can choose the colour of the design depending on the interior. In addition, we demonstrate a special design for garages. There is a phrase “who is in the exhibition is in business”. Presence at the exhibition is an indicator of the company's development and its competitiveness.