BakuBuild - The colourful world of Fab Boya

The colourful world of Fab Boya



Rustam Mammadov, Advertising Director at Fab Boya

Our company began its operation with the production of paints in 2001. In the following years, we expanded our productive activities; the factory “Hillfan” (production of plastic products) and “Fabkim” (production of adhesives), among others, enriched our existing production sites in following years. And today there are five of them. Moreover, we own six modern laboratories. Our achievement in 2018 was the factory “Beyazalci” for the production of gypsum and gypsum products.

We take part in the BakuBuild Azerbaijan exhibition every year; it is with great responsibility that we prepare for this event. At our stand we present an extensive range of products for all major areas. In addition, we believed it would be expedient to showcase our company's general layout to impress visitors with the scale of the production area, because it always attracts attention. During the exhibition, our experts from all speciality fields will be present for negotiations and conclusion of contracts.

I believe that the benefits of participating in the exhibition are not limited; it includes but not limited to image improvement, good advertising, an increase in the number of partners and sales. For an effective return from the exhibition, it is necessary to wisely place your stand and exhibits, and bring the right number of representatives who can provide professional information to both guests and partners.