BakuBuild - New Fire protection elements

New Fire protection elements



Marjan Brencic, General Manager TRGO-MOKK

TRGO-MOKK is young and dynamic company with a lot of enthusiasm and experiences. It was established 2012 with mission to establish long-term business relationships between Eastern Europe buyers and Slovenian producers. Nevertheless, after two years, also the idea about establishment of our own brand was realised. Under MOKK-VENT brand, we cover requirements from the field of air distribution and air regulation.

Under brand MOKK-VENT we joined great assortment of products. We can offer you products for air distribution and air regulation, elements for clean rooms, floor convectors and elements for passive fire protection from well-known Belgian producer RF-Technologies

At BakuBuild Azerbaijan 2018 exhibition we present our new products - Smoke dampers Kamouflage and Software for Fire Dampers.  The purpose of smoke evacuation solutions is to remove the smoke and heat produced by a fire in order to create an area of clear air under the smoke layer. Smoke evacuation facilitates the evacuation of occupants and allows fire-fighting personnel to access the premises. Smoke evacuation can be achieved by a natural chimney effect or by mechanical extraction.

Smoke evacuation shutters are normally closed and open locally in the event of fire. The opening command may be given by a manual trigger or by the control unit. Smoke damper Kamouflage is unique invisible solution for smoke exhaust from the corridors. With selection program for fire dampers you can calculate all physical characteristics of fire dampers depending on the air flow.

Last year we attended our first exhibition. This was the WorldBuild Baku 2017 exhibition in Azerbaijan. It was a good experience. And this year we want to meet both our existing partners and also new for business cooperation interested parties. With great pleasure we will present our products and our company to all interested visitors.