BakuBuild - New bi-met stainless steel fasteners

New bi-met stainless steel fasteners



Selchuk Ergun, Sales and Application Engineer

SFS intec Turkey belongs to the SFS intec Group, Swiss Stock Exchange - SIX as SFSN. The SFS Group is a global market leader for mechanical fastening systems and precision formed components, with a history dating back to 1928. SFS intec Turkey prides itself as the first and unique manufacturer company in Turkey specializing in Self-Drilling and Self- Tapping Screws. It has been serving since 1997 with a wide range of products ideal for roofing, cladding, facade applications.

At the exhibition we will present our new product - new bi-met stainless steel fasteners.

Our product range SXC14-5.5 for fastening of composite panels to steel beams exist since many years. In the last years the market has changed and we face the following trends: 
· increasing of tensile strength of steel beams 
· increasing of steel beam thicknesses 
· increasing of span of the steel beams 
· increasing of the share of hidden fixed composite panels 

The increasing of tensile strength and thickness of steel beams leads to increased requirements on the drilling performance of the fastener. The drilling performance of the SXC14-5.5 is therefor not satisfying. 
For hidden fixed composite panels load bearing plates with pre-stamped holes are often used to increase the pull-over values of the fastening. The support thread of the SXC14-5.5 is bigger than the pre-stamped holes which leads to problems during the installation. 
The pull-over values of the SXC14-5.5 which is relevant for visible fixed composite panels is critical, especially if the outer skin of the composite panel is thinner than 0.63 mm. 
Resulting by the market trends a new fastener is needed which fulfills the increased technical requirements. 
At the exhibition we would like to see Constructor (CON) installer, construction site manager, Designer / End user (D&E) building owner, architect, designer, statical engineer 
OEM original equipment manufacturer of construction parts.