BakuBuild - Prospects for successful cooperation

Prospects for successful cooperation



Igor Romanov, Leading Specialist of Sales Services at BKT (Minsk, Belarus)

 - We represent a group of companies specializing in the production of door sets for public buildings and large structures. The products are made in a single design solution in various forms - combined door units with metal boxes and laminated canvas or steel blocks. At the stand we are showcasing mini-samples of door sets: units with fire resistance of 30 minutes (with ordinary interior sheet) and steel door sets with a large coverage area.

Earlier we already worked in the Azerbaijani market. There are several facilities where our doors have been installed. Today we would like to gain a foothold in the market, as it represents a serious interest for our enterprise, and therefore we are looking for companies for cooperation. It can be developers of sports facilities, medical, transport, administrative buildings.

Our work experience is huge and covers large facilities from the Far Eastern space launch complex to the World Championship construction in 2014 in Sochi and the airports of Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo.

At the WorldBuild Baku 2017 exhibition, we will be sufficiently interested in our products. Here we have met organizations already familiar with the brand of BKT, and we have promising developments for continuing cooperation and receiving orders. In general, we are satisfied with the exhibition and highly appreciate the attendance and good organizational work.