BakuBuild - The secret of smart windows and doors

The secret of smart windows and doors



Turan Giblaliyeva, Assistant Director at AGZ

Our company is still very young and is a representative of the famous German company Ceze which provides an automated system of plastic and aluminum windows and doors; we produce and install them here in Baku. The assortment of our products is quite wide, but today we show only a part of our products on the stand, which is in the greatest demand on the market. This is a door, controlled by sensors, closers, with consoles and sensors. There is also a window with a remote control, with an additional function, such as a weather controller; depending on the weather (cold or hot), it automatically opens and / or closes.

In our office we have built a mini showroom, where it is possible to showcase many functions of our equipment. We fulfill any technical requests of customers and in addition to companies we also work with private clients. One of the most demanded and necessary functions for the apartment doors, where there are children, is a condition that these doors do not slam shut and do not spoil. At the WorldBuild Baku exhibition, of course, we are making a debut. Our goal is to demonstrate our products, talk about it, find new partners and customers, and we hope that this exhibition will be quite effective for us.