BakuBuild - Leader in the production of mixing equipment

Leader in the production of mixing equipment



Gebel Yuriy, Regional Manager at Teka Maschien

- Our company has been known since the 60s and is the leader in the production of mixing equipment. We are widely represented in the CIS market. We are for the first time in Azerbaijan and hope to come up with positive results. Our main products are three types of mixers. These are THZ Pan, TPZ Planetary & TDZ Twinshaft mixers. I am sure that visitors will appreciate these goods.

The company TEKA has a high technical potential for the construction of both new special and non-standard mixing plants, as well as reconstruction and modernization of existing production facilities. In Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, we have reconstructed many factories, focusing on reliability, durability and affordability. In general, our equipment is provided by thousands of plants around the world and we think that Azerbaijan will also join them. Many of them were completely non-functioning enterprises. Ninety percent of glass factories around the world are equipped with our mixers. Our highly qualified personnel approach each project or customer individually, fulfilling any technical requirements and at the same time, advising on all aspects of the current project.