BakuBuild - Intensive trends in industry and construction

Intensive trends in industry and construction



Maksim Ilik, Sales Representative at Lohmann

- Lohmann is a leading global adhesives tape manufacturer and was established 160 years ago. Now it is a manufacturer of a wide range of two-sided and one-sided adhesive tapes. Our portfolio includes thousands of products with different host materials, liners and adhesion with a variety of application fields.

At this construction exhibition, we offer products which are used in this sector of the economy. Active use of adhesives has become one of rapidly developing trends in industry and construction. The advantages of adhesive technology are obvious: simplicity, accuracy and, above all, reliability. Our products are used in all stages of construction - from the floor and finishing the roof. This installation of windows, noise insulation and bonding, steam and hydro equipment, insulation films, decorative and structural elements, and others.

At our stand we also offer profiles on the basis of foam for finishing slopes, allowing sealing better and avoiding crackle plaster. BakuBuild 2016 is our first step in the Azerbaijani market where we would like to expand our customer base and strengthen business contacts.